14th Jun 2015

Managing Fire Safety

Major accidents such as Flixborough, Buncefield and Texas City shows the impact of fire and explosions on chemical plants. This article goes an introduction to the subject.

12th Feb 2015
Old fashioned storage barrel

Designing Tanks and Vessels – Part 2

How to specify a storage vessel for process engineers

07th Sep 2014

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)

Originally developed for transporting liquids between sites, IBCs are now also used for as a storage option. This article describes their main features.

26th Jun 2014

Olefins (Alkenes) – Latent Heat of Vaporization

The latent heat of vaporization is the enthalpy change to turn a substance from a liquid into a gas. This article gives latent heat data for the olefins (alkenes) over a range of temperatures.

09th May 2014

Performance of Centrifugal Pumps

This article presents the operating performance of centrifugal pumps, the most commonplace pump found in the process industries.

28th Apr 2014
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Paraffins – Latent Heat of Vaporization

The latent heat of vaporization is the enthalpy change to turn a substance from a liquid into a gas. This article gives latent heat data for the paraffins (alkanes) over a range of temperatures.

13th Apr 2014
blue plastic recycling bins

Environmental Impacts of Waste Incineration

Incineration of municipal waste can cause a number of environmental problems, as this article discusses

30th Mar 2014

Electric Motors on Chemical Plants

Electric motors are common drive units on process plant. This article gives an introduction to electric motors for process engineers

10th Mar 2014
Woman working in a clothes factory

Water conservation in textile industry

The textile industry is a major user of water. This article discusses water conservation in textiles.

08th Jan 2014
gas sign retro

Gas Specific Heat Capacity Data

Approximate specific heat capacity data for common gases over a range of temperatures

13th Dec 2013
Burner management system

Designing Burners

This article gives an overview of burner technology.

31st Aug 2013
3d Scientist dvd

Introduction to Heat Capacity

An introduction to Heat Capacity - giving approximate values for some common materials.

18th Apr 2013

Liquid Flash Points

Flash Point is a key measure of a liquids flammability. This article defines Flash Point and gives data for common flammable liquids.

04th Mar 2013
jobs photo

Process Engineering Recruitment Agents

Many jobs within process engineering are filled using specialist recruitment agencies. This article lists a number of these agencies with links to their websites/

04th Mar 2013

Chemical Engineering Textbooks

This article presents a list of textbooks of use to practising Chemical Engineers,

04th Mar 2013
chemical plant

Confined Space Entry

Working in confined spaces is one of the most dangerous jobs in the process industries. This article provides some guidance and advice on where to find further information.

04th Mar 2013
ageing grapkic

Ageing of Chemical Plants

Many chemical plants, espicially in Europe and North America, are operating beyond their original design life. This poses particular challenges which are discussed in this article

04th Mar 2013

UK Legislation Affecting Chemical Engineers

An article giving some of the most common pieces of UK legislation affecting the Chemical Engineers.

04th Mar 2013

Disaster at Bhopal

The accident in Bhopal 1984 was arguably the worst disaster in the history of the Chemical Industry. Like most accidents, Bhopal could have been avoided. This article tells the story of Bhopal and what lessons can be drawn.

04th Mar 2013
Image courtesy of nuchylee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Chemical Engineering Courses

A list of UK universities offering Chemical Engineering degree courses - with links.